Lower Tension Assembly for Singer 114W103, Cornely, and Other Chainstitch Machines

Sold by Woodland Quiltworks™, LLC

$38.00 $50.00

Stop fighting with running your thread from a spool under the bed of your machine and start running your threads from the floor.  With this tension assembly you can convert your machine to run as they did in production settings.  Instead of having to rewind spools and constantly adjust tensions, this assembly allows for running thread spools from the floor so no constant adjustments are needed, allowing for more consistent stitches and less hassle.

- Made from hardened metal.

- Proper stud length to flapper.

- Smooth disks with no snagging or burrs.

- Proper alignment on tensioning nut for quick and smooth adjustments. 

* Due to the variance of machines, on rare occasion retapping the existing bracket may be required for initial mounting.