Solid Needle Bar for Stingray WQW-1C , Singer , 114W103 , Cornely A Chainstitch Machines

Sold by Woodland Quiltworks™, LLC


Solid Needle Bar for Woodland Quiltworks Stingray WQW-1C, Singer 114W103, Cornely A, and Similar Chainstitch Machines.  Threaded at both ends.

Made from hardened steel with beautifully tapped threads on both ends, deep enough to securely attach your needles which greatly reduces the risk of stripping threads or your needle shifting in the needle bar when attached correctly. 

* NOT FOR USE IN MACHINES DESIGNED FOR HOLLOW OR SUPER FINE/SUPER THIN NEEDLE BARS. Please see our Hollow Needle Bar item if needing the ability to use CEX needles attaching to the needle bar using a screw for added functionality machines. 

* For use with ORGAN BRAND chainstitch needles sold separately.