Singer 114W103 and Cornely Smooth Foot Shoe 10mm - Quantity 1



This sale is for one (1) Shoe for Singer 114W103 and Cornely 10mm Smooth Foot.


Verify the size shoe needed when ordering by using a micrometer (see secondary photo).
Shoes and feet may have slight variations.  When micrometer is used to measure foot, please select the closest size shoe.  In some rare events the shoe may be slightly loose.  If this occurs it is acceptable to use rubber cement on the attaching side of the shoe.  If there is residue from such previous applications, clean the foot before new shoe is installed.  The shoe received will be an off white color, leaving no staining or color residue when used as may occur with black feet.  When proper measuring and shoe selection have been completed, the shoe will fit snugly yet not overstretched on the machine foot. This will allow the shoe to stay seated on the machine foot while in use.  Shoe may be used until inner foot ring becomes exposed and level with the wear of the shoe's surface touching materials stitched.
Available Sizes:
10mm * (This Item)
18mm - Most Common Size
Please see our other listings for sizes other than 10mm.