Claw Foot for Singer 114W103 / Cornely A


Approximately 18mm Claw Foot for Woodland Stingray WQW-1C, Singer 114W103 and Cornely A - Universal Feed Embroidery Machines.
Sale is for 1 claw foot.
Will fit Singer Woodland Quiltworks WQW-1C, Singer 114W103, and Cornely A machines.
May fit machines made by other manufacturers of the equivalent model type, yet not guaranteed as there were variations from manufacturer to manufacturer and even machine to machine.
This foot will almost always fit basic model types without a bobbin such as the Cornely A and Consew 104.  May also fit basic models made by Lintz Eckhardt, Treasure, and Golden Wheel.
Please review photos to determine if this is the correct foot for your machine.

The claw foot permits an additional grip beyond a smooth foot for tasks that require improved traction for the foot to advance materials appropriately.
Perfect foot for tasks such as chenille (moss stitch) with pile.
* This foot will not fit machines such as Cornely L, F series, or others using a coiling device.  Height of foot attaching shaft can vary.  Please contact us prior to ordering this foot and have available the height of your existing foot (smooth foot for example) if you are purchasing for a Cornely model B or models other than Singer 114W103 or Cornely A.