Singer 114W103 & Cornely Moss Stitch Chenille Needles 253 System 137x1 - Size 6 (120/19)


Chenille moss stitch needles for Bonnaz style embroidery machines such as Cornely, Singer 114W103, Lintz Eckhardt, Golden Wheel, Treasure, and others using the 253 needle system 137x1.  This is for 10 new needles size 6 (120/19) hooked needles specific for moss chenille stitch.  Needle to nipple size should always be verified any time changing a needle due to slight differences in nipple manufacture from one maker to the next and even one nipple to another.  Correct needle and thread pairing should be observed for best results.
Please feel free to message us with any questions prior to purchase.
Other needle sizes available.  Please see our other store items.