STINGRAY WQW-1C Chainstitch and Moss Stitch Machine by Woodland Quiltworks

Woodland Quiltworks™, LLC


Create Beautiful Chainstitch and Moss Stitch Embroidery on the STRINGRAY WQW-1C by Woodland Quiltworks.

- 100% New Machine Eliminating Frustration of Obsolete Parts and Used Machinery That has Been Abused in Factory Industrial Settings

- Improved Looper for 98% Fewer Dropped Stitches and Improved Accuracy for Sharp Turns Without Creating Unwanted Loop Height on 180 Degree Turns

- Quick Change Spiral Worm Gear for Instant Switching Back and Forth From Chain to Moss Without Resetting Timing Or Unthreading Looper Allowing for Quicker Mixing of Stitch Styles and Textures

- Wooden Handle for Classic Feel

- Hard Metal Parts Made With Precision and Accuracy Providing Long Life for Gears and Vital Face Components

- Quiet Running Without Having to Resort to Extremely Short Lived Plastic or Nylon Gears

- Flathead Screws Instead of Wing Style Needle Bar Screws and Foot Clamp Screws to Eliminate Chance of Wing Style Screws Breaking Off Flush with the Metal of The Machine When Over Tightening as Happened with Old Vintage Machines, Necessitating the Re Tapping of Holes and Making of Custom Parts

- No External Pressure Springs to Snap and Break Creating an Eye Hazard

- Easy Adjustment of Foot Pressure, Nipple Pressure, Stitch Length, and Thread Tension

- Beautiful Cobalt Blue Color Allowing for Easier Visibility When Threading and Setting Needles

- Upgraded Tension Assembly Standard Allowing for Use of Spools Running From Floor and Not Having to Wind Individual Spools or Constantly Adjust Tension as Spool Decreases

- Stop Motion Functions as Intended Every Time Since Parts are Not Worn out or Exhausted, Making Setting Needles, Timing, and Precision Work Possible with Ease

Package Includes:


Claw Foot

Smooth Foot

Standard Smooth Foot Rubber

Umbrella Domed Smooth Foot Rubber

3 Nipples

1 Threading Wire




Misc Tools

Table Mounting Hardware

3 Spools Madeira #12 

1 Multi-Pack of Stabilizer

Fully English Written Detailed Instruction Operator's Manual

Lifetime Support

Machines are shipped in wooden crate boxes in addition to custom machine fitted styrofoam in a cardboard box to ensure safe delivery.

All machines are insured for delivery and tracking provided.

* Payment of $1,295 is for MACHINE ONLY.  Does not include shipping, motor, or table.

* Shipping will be invoiced separately at the time machine has been sewn in and has been packed for shipping.

* Machines are usually sent FedEx Home Delivery with arrival approximately 4 days after shipping cost has been received.

* Due to high demand, please contact us for expected ship date and/or shipping quote based off of your location as machines are not shipped until fully inspected, serviced, and sewn in after purchase.

* Machines are reserved, sewn in, and shipped on a first come first serve basis order by completion of purchasing the machine now. (Invoice for shipping will be sent separately and must be paid in full before machine ships out and tracking is provided).

* Duty and other taxes to international customers are the responsibility of the purchaser and are not included in purchase price.

* Declarations will be reported appropriately and factual.  Please refrain from asking declaration reporting to be altered as we will not honor that request.