Tie-Off Tool by Woodland Quiltworks

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Speed up your tie-off process with a quicker and cleaner method using the Woodland Quiltworks' Tie-Off Tool.  This tool allows the ability to easily remove your active chain from the machine needle, tie-off threads easily, and replaces the need for having a hook-knife tool for sweeping threads when threading the machine or changing colors.  When used, this tool leaves an almost invisible trace of completing the tie-off process in comparison to large holes left by alternative knitting or rug hook tools.  When used in combination with a small pair of scissors or snips, you will find the aggravation of loose top or bottom threads to be a thing of the past as it is recommended to do your "housekeeping" as you stitch. - Video explaining in detail how to use this tool can be viewed on our YouTube channel Woodland Quiltworks, LLC.