Treadle Belt Leather - Select Type and Length 3/16" 5mm, 1/4" 6mm, 5/16" 8mm, 11/32" 9mm



Leather treadle belting cut to size.  Select mm and length.  All belts come with attaching staple/clamp.  Great for both domestic and industrial sewing machines.

Most domestic treadles use 3/16 (5mm).

Most industrial machines such as the 31-15 work well with the 5/16 (8mm) belting.

Size used on machine may vary and does not have to be an exact girth if seats properly and machine functions without belt jumping hand wheel groove.  If belt starts slipping after several hours of use, shorten and reattach as leather will have minimal initial stretch.

* Treadle Pliers Sold Separately