Treadle Belt 3/16" - Leather with Closing Staple: Treadle & Industrial Sewing Machines



Leather Treadle Belt For Use On Treadle & Industrial Sewing Machines

Belt purchased will measure between 68"-72" as most treadles require less than 68", and industrials even less, from motor to belt groove in hand wheel.  Includes heavy duty closing staple.  3/16" (5mm)

Lace machine with belt with some tension.  Overlap belt to determine amount of excess belt to be removed.  Mark match line with a marker and cut to length.  Using treadle pliers, punch hole in non-staple end.  Place belt back in place, hooking the staple in the newly made hole.  Using the treadle pliers, close the staple.  After a few hours of use the belt may need to be adjusted as the leather stretches.  If this occurs, open staple and repeat process.  Make sure not to over tighten as it may cause undue wear and tear on bearings.  Should only maintain minimal tension as required for proper functioning of the machine.

* Please note, not all industrial machines use the same size belting.  For chainstitch machines such as the Stingray WQW-1C, Singer 114W103, and Cornely machines, please see our listing for 6mm 1/4" (cut to size by length and mm selected).